Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jarrett Krosoczka on Imagination, Drawing, and Life

I readily admit that I am only aware of this TEDTalk because Debbie Ridpath Ohi posted it today on her InkyGirl blog.

(You know Debbie, right?  She's the artist behind the book "I'm Bored" one of the NY Times' Notable Children's Books of 2012.  One time caption-this cartoon artist for BoardGameGeek.com.  If you don't, you should go to her site now and discover why you should be following her!)

Jarrett's talk is about a childhood that was given meaning through art and how following that passion has given him a career that has touched the lives of others in ways he still finds surprising today.

If you've ever wondered why you write for kids -- or wonder how to explain it to people who ask you about your chosen audience -- this is a TEDTalk you need to watch.

(Oh, and thanks, Debbie!)

-- Tom