Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Websites I Use(d): QueryTracker

Downtown Raleighwood, Early Morning

When I first started putting together a list of agents to submit queries to I was going back and forth between a spreadsheet and text in Evernote.  The spreadsheet provided a better organizational layout of the data, the text in Evernote was more easily accessible from different locations.

Then I found QueryTracker.

Here's what makes QueryTracker so great:

  • QueryTracker is a free database that lists agents who represent all types of genres.  You can search by agent name, agency name, and, more importantly, by genre -- and save your own list of agents.  
  • Each agent's profile has their contact information, how they prefer to accept queries, and writers they represent.
  • Each agent's profile has a Comments section where other writers who have or are querying that same agent report on their querying experience.  (This gives you a good idea of how long an agent takes in getting back to the querying writer.)  
  • QueryTracker allows you to put a Watch on an agent, allowing you to easily discover if a new comment has been added and/or an agent's status has changed.
  • Your saved Agent List can be viewed in several ways -- by all agents selected, by those agents who you've sent queries to, those agents with outstanding queries/submissions, those agents not yet queried, etc.
  • The premium (paid) version allows you to track more than one project and gives you access to additional reporting tools.

QueryTracker was a convenient, essential tool in helping me keep track of the agents I wanted to query and of their responses.  If you haven't tried it out, you really should.