Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Methodically Chewing Through a Handful of Corks

Mosaic Flower
Pittsboro, NC  2014
From the author's Introduction to "Dawn of the Dumb" by Charlie Brooker, © 2007

     Thanks for buying this book.  I hope you enjoy reading it more than I enjoyed writing it, because I hated every minute of it.  Well, almost.  It's fair to say I don't write for pleasure.  To me, writing is like methodically chewing through a handful of corks.  Thanks to the voices. 
     One voice tells me to stop typing because I'm rubbish and about to be rumbled; the other tells me to stop typing because its' too much like hard work.  And recently they've been joined by a third voice -- one that continually whines about a worrying, worsening form of RSI in my right arm which feels like a constant headache in my elbow.  As a result, I'm often in a pretty sour temper during the writing process, and this occasionally comes across in print.  Sorry about that.  Hope it doesn't sully your enjoyment of an otherwise jubilant sunbeam of a book.

It's probably little surprise that I'm a huge Brooker fan.

-- Tom