Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Book: Now Appearing in a Publishing House Editor's Inbox Near You.

Rhymes With Orange
March 09, 2015
© Hilary Price

Two weeks ago my agent (the wonderful Caryn Wiseman) wrote to me saying how much she liked the most recent revision of The Book.  She said she wanted to give it one more read-through, but she thought it was ready.

Ready.  As in, "No more revisions (for the time being)."  As in, "I'll start submitting it to Editors at Publishing Houses any day now."

Despite being a cynical person under these circumstances, I did allow myself a brief, tentative sigh of relief.  I called my wife.  I emailed a few friends who had helped me through the last round of revisions.  Still, I didn't relax.  I've been tossed back into the Deep End of the Revision Pool too many times to even consider celebrating.

Then, today, came the news that Caryn was giving The Book the go-ahead.

Now I know it's likely that any publishing house editor is likely to want to see some revisions as well.  But, for now, I'll take a moment to revel in the notion that the many years of revising The Book are at an end.

* whew! *