Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jenny Lawson is Furiously Happy

Jenny Lawson (perhaps better known online as The Bloggess) wrote one of the funniest books I have read this decade Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir.  

At best, a book will get a few smiles out of me.  Maybe a chuckle here and there.  Lawson managed to get me to laugh out loud on more occasions than I bothered to try and count.  She is that freakin' funny.

Hers is a strange world, one that might have weirded-out most mere mortals.  Perhaps it did so to Lawson as well, but it also gave her a wicked sense of humor and a bizarre outlook on life in general.  Even better, she's able to write about it all in a way that both honors the insanity around here while making her reactions seem normal.

Well, almost normal.

And that's part of the fun of her writing.  Somewhere you know Lawson must know that what's going on around her is more than just a little odd (if nothing else, her husband is quick to point this out) but that doesn't stop her from treating her subjects with an understanding that most of us would shake our heads at and slowly back away from.

The only problem with Let's Pretend This Never Happened is that it ended.  Now, with Furiously Happy, the fun might just begin all over again.