Author Bio

Franklin on Franklin (2010)
Chapel Hill, NC
Tom M. Franklin was born in Washington, DC and grew up in the days before the Internet, before computers, before microwaves, even before digital watches.  He spent many grueling catering to his parent's maniacal whims, including getting up and changing the television channel--and washing the dishes--by hand.  (Though rarely at the same time)

As a child he was a member of CRABs -- Children Raving About Books -- a youth book discussion group started by the Allie Beth Martin Award-winning librarian, Birdie Law.  During that time he received one of the highest honors of his life: becoming the last Royal Prydanian.  If you aren't flat-out gobsmacked by this, your store could use some fixin.

In college, Mr. Franklin earned a Bachelor's in Children and Television, a degree that qualified him to do general maintenance at a school for the deaf.  Throwing caution (and several thousand more dollars in student loans) to the wind, he returned to college to pursue a Masters in Children and Television.  This qualified him to be a Kelly Girl, a record and CD salesman and, eventually, a children's librarian. 

After moving with his wife to North Carolina with his wife to rescue her then-five-year-old son from her (fill in the blanks) ex-husband, Mr. Franklin woke up one morning and realized that, between raising a family and working, he had completely missed his thirties.  Deciding he really needed to get serious about something, he chose to return to writing and the untold fame and riches that the profession provides.

By day, Mr. Franklin is a mild-mannered IT guy; by night he is staff to five cats and is either actively writing or actively avoiding writing.  He is currently working on a series of middle grade steampunk adventures featuring a young lab assistant and his employer, an eccentric professor whose steam-powered inventions have a bad habit of taking on a life of their own.

When not writing or IT-ing he enjoys reading, playing boardgames, music, and knitting.  He is an avid Whovian and will be happy to debate Best Doctor (David Tennant) and Best Companion (Donna Noble) with you.

He is represented by Caryn Wiseman of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.