Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finding a Critique Group Online

I've read two separate blog postings lately where readers have asked How to Find a Critique Group, specifically, how to find one online. Some of us are not able to meet with other writers in person -- whether due to where we live or our personal circumstances -- so writers conferences and in-person classes aren't an option.

After all, isn't that part of what the internets are for?

Having spent some time online trying to find a critique group, here are three suggestions for free online resources to start your search.

Nathan Bradford's Forums
Nathan Bradford is a San Francisco based agent who also has a good, informative blog.   He then did something truly cool by creating a Forums section to his web site so writers could have a space to write to one another on various topics.  Sections include "All Things Writing", "All Things Finding an Agent", and "All Things Feedback".  I've spent some time in the Feedback section, reading and critiquing queries.  Based on some of the other critiques I've read, I know who I'd like to be in a critique group with.  (I've sent some of them personal messages asking about their availability)

Critique Circle
Another place to receive and read critiques is over at Critique Circle.  New members offer critiques of writings that have been posted and receive credit for having done so.  Once members receive enough credits, they are able to post their own writing for critique.  It's a good way to ensure someone isn't just posting their writing and not contributing to the community.

Forward Motion
Forward Motion has two options in their Forums: a Private Critique Circles forum (for those currently in a FM critique group) and a Roving Crits Board (for writers not in a FM critique group).  It appears people are looking for critique groups there as well as in the Critique Connection Forums. 

All three sites have a simple, free registration process and a separate area for new members to read how the site works and how to play nicely with others.

Do you have any sites to add?  Please do so in the Comments!

-- Tom

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  1. For anyone finding this entry later on, there's a great entry over at Chuck
    Sambuchino's "Guide to Literary Agents blog", written by Molly Anderson-Childers, on questions to ask yourself, and others, before joining a writing group.

    This would have saved me a lot of problems early on: