Friday, July 23, 2010

Blatantly Self-Congratulatory Praise!

Every Friday brings an astounding collection of writerly links to my Google Reader: the Best Articles This Week for Writers from Martina Boone and Marissa Graff, the two women writers behind the incredibly waygreat Adventures in Children's Literature blog.  My Google Reader is jammed with sites I've discovered from their weekly roundups of interesting, insightful and funny web sites for authors.

(My only problem with their weekly list is in order to go through all of the links I want to click through, it would take hours.  Sadly, I don't often have that much time.  I know -- my problem, not theirs)

This Friday (today as I write this) their Best Articles of the Week included one of MY blog posts

So, how did a relatively new blog with a limited readership get in their weekly Best Articles list?

I shamelessly sent them an email with the subject line, "Shamelessly Begging for Your Best of the Week Consideration."

The thing about the entry I submitted was that it was refreshingly not all about MEmeMEmeMEmeME.  Instead, it was a call for all writers to jump headfirst into Life, seeking out as many different experiences as possible, all for the sake of their fiction writing.   (And, as Martina wisely pointed out, it's all Tax Deductable!)

The additional good news is that both Martina and Marissa said they appreciated having good articles pointed out to them, even if it was by the author.  They weren't promising anything when they responded, but if they like article, they'll include it in their (extensive) weekly round-up.

Meaning, if I can do this, so can you.

So, what are you waiting for???

-- Tom


  1. I think that's great--that you would let them know that you have a great post out there. And, it must be hard to collect so many great posts each week. The pressure! Argh! I too, find it impossible to visit each link--but I am so thankful that those wonderful ladies put the list together!

  2. Thanks, Heather. Marissa and Martina put together one heck of a great list every week -- I'm impressed they're able to do much else with their days than troll through writerly web sites.


  3. M&M are awesome! Their lists on friday are awe inspiring and when i don't have much time to visit blogs- I know they'll keep me in the loop.

  4. My blog list in Google Reader is pretty extensive, and it's based largely on blogs I've found from M&M's list. Still, every week there are so many blogs in their list that I've never heard of before.

    It's great to have people out there looking out for the rest of us, keeping us in the loop.