Friday, November 19, 2010

Spending Time in the Deep End of the Revision Pool

The True Reason for the Season: The $38 Dancing Christmas Pig
Perhaps you've notice I haven't been  posting in the last week or so.  (You have noticed, haven't you?)

I've been deeply immersed in a huge decision, one that threw me into the deep end of the revision pool for steampunk story #1.  I had thought I was finished with this story.  I was even working on new line edits for steampunk story #2 when things started happening.

As a kid I remember absolutely hating editing.  "Why should I edit when I carefully wrote exactly what I wanted to say the first time?" I would angrily ask my fellow classmates.

Now, however, steampunk story #1, which I had liked a lot, is becoming better by leaps and bounds.  To my own amazement, I am loving this revision work.

Tonight I'm putting on my SCUBA gear and preparing to spend the entire weekend in the deep end of the revision pool.  I have a Sunday night deadline to meet and I'm confident I'll get there.  Come Monday, I'll come up for fresh air, dry off and see if my wonderfully patient wife and our six cats still remember me.

More next week.  Take care of yourselves.

-- Tom

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