Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garth Merenghi's Darkplace

While I continue to beat myself over the head with a blunt revision stick, allow me to offer you, traveler, a bit of respite from your humdrum writing routine.

Clichés get a bad rap.  Every two-bit writer, agent, editor with a two-bit opinion will, unbidden, share with you the "common knowledge" and "accepted truth" that clichés are bad.  Undesirable.  A sign of weak writing.  Unimaginative.  Unpublishable.

To them I respond with a four-bit, "Bah!"  For, without the well-worn rut of such wording, how could a such a force of writing nature like Garth Merenghi exist?  I ask you: how?

Mayhap you are too terrified to even consider a world without Merenghi's brilliance?  Or, could it be, that you fear that without Merenghi to act as a conduit for the nightmares of the gods those same horrific visions might descend upon YOU instead?

I believe Garth Merenghi knows the truth all too well: that the savagery of his visions and the blood-curdling intensity of his writing is so overpowering that were he to write in any other way you would be driven mad with fear should your eyes accidentally fall upon a single sentence of one of his books.  Mad.  Mad with fear.  And blood.  Blood mixed with fear.  And more blood.  Yes, more blood.

For those of you with an open mind and without serious heart conditions, you have hereby been dared to test yourself by clicking on the video link above and watching the opening of Episode Four of Garth Merenghi's Darkplace.  However, you have been warned.

Oh, yes.  You have been warned.

-- Tom