Monday, May 18, 2020


Okay, people: I am both gobsmacked and humbled. 

Thus far I've sent out:

  • One rambling, poorly worded email about the serialized podcast to a great many friends (one where, as one friend pointed out, I completely failed to say anything about what kind of story I had written or who the audience was) 
  • One General FriendFace* post, meaning those who fell within the FriendFace algorithm for the moment it was posted who then saw it.
  • Another FriendFace post that was tagged with the names of my former students (from the days when I was an Elementary School Librarian) who I have been FriendFace friends with.

For those keeping score (i.e. Me), that's 174 downloads in about two weeks to over five different countries. 

Yes, I'm proud; yes, I'm thankful.  And, yes, I'm both bewildered by the numbers, and I am truly thankful for those who have said how much they're enjoying the story.

A new chapter is going up each day. 

Please consider giving it a listen if you haven't.  If you have kids who are bored and are looking for something different to entertain themselves with, have them give it a listen and send me questions.  I'm more than happy to respond!


* The IT Crowd, S03 E05, written and directed by series creator Graham Linehan, who I  would love to meet one day but would, undoubtedly, be embarrassingly awkward around.  Unless many drinks were involved.  Then I'd embarrass myself by being the unabashed fanboy that I am concerning his work, desperately hoping he'd catch the Wayne's World "I Am Not Worthy" adulations I would undoubtedly bestow upon him in my very crass American way.   I mean, seriously, the man created/wrote Father Ted, Black Books, and The IT Crowd! 

If none of these are familiar to you, The Google Is Your Friend. Trust me on this.