Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hilary Price's Rhymes with Orange 

The final chapter of The Pterrible Pteranodon was posted almost a month ago. At the start of the project I set a goal for myself: post one chapter per day until the book was completed. Each chapter took anywhere from ten to twenty-five minutes to read, then sometimes twice as long to edit.*

Still, I was able to complete the goal: 30 chapters in 30 days.

When the last chapter was posted, I felt a mix of accomplishment and Now What? The latter was the one that hung over me, nagging at me to choose a next project to work on.**

Looking at the Powers Beyond Their Steam podcast today, here's what the download stats look like:

Stats for my Powers Beyond Their Steam podcast as of 6/28/20
677 downloads is pretty danged impressive, if I say so myself. But I'm also realizing the podcast has all but run its course with the limited audience of my friends who have chosen to listen. I need to something -- or some things -- to keep it alive and moving.

So, I've decided on two things:

  • Learn about self-promotion, starting with writing a Press Release to send out and
  • Do the extensive re-writes needed to get the second book in the series ready to be read and posted as a second free, serialized podcast.

I'll post more about both of these in the coming weeks as they progress.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them for me!  I'd love to know what you think.

-- Tom

* At the very end of Chapter 28, the penultimate chapter, I added in one such bit of edited-out misreading mixed with me berating myself for the mistake. I love seeing blooper reels at the end of movies and I wish I had added more of them to the chapters. Mind you, most of the edited out mistakes also involve a variety of not-so-family-friendly words.

** Luckily, I'm also a regular contributor of board game reviews over at, a great web site with over 20 board game enthusiasts who write reviews, articles, conduct interviews, and do the occasional humor piece as well. I had two games that needed writing up, including the brilliant Pyramid Arcade, a game that is actually 22 games in one box.  If you like games or have bored kids at home, you should definitely check it out.