Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Final Four Days on Kickstarter!


Long story short: I wrote a book, spent 5 years working with agents before signing with one who shopped my book around for another year, then, when it failed to find a publishing house, it was considered dead. 

 Now, as Lockdown is coming to a (hopeful) close, I'm going through Kickstarter to fund the publication of the book. Thanks to Heather Kelly of Pocket Moon Press (who is coordinating the printing &  distribution, indie illustrator Bob Thibeault (who did the cover artwork), and Rebecca Evans who did the interior design, this edition is something I'm very proud of. It really is a terrific-looking book!


 Then, much to my surprise, two things happened this past week: Kickstarter named it as a Project We Love and, the next day, we reached our initial funding goal — meaning the book will be published!

I'm seriously blown away by this. And very humbled by the belief and support people have shown me. Now, in the last four days, we're looking to raise some additional money to pay Bob to do some interior illustrations. So far, we've raised enough for 3 illustrations. I'm hoping we can do up to 12 or more. If you're interested in looking at the project, here's the link: